Ever the charmer, Hugh Jackman took Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on a personal tour of “The Wolverine” set.

The 43-year-old star looked dapper in a suit while he and director James Mangold escorted the Aussie politician around the Fox Studios set in Sydney, Australia.

Filming in famous city begins next week thanks to a federal government grant of $12.8 million, which puts the tax rebate to 30-percent of a production’s qualifying expenditure (up from 15-percent).

The X-Man has lobbied for these government grants in order to put money back into the local economy and support local employment. Prime Minister Gillard noted that “The Wolverine” alone will put $80 million back into the local economy and support around 2000 jobs during the films five month shoot.

On shooting in Sydney, Jackman says, ?I am so happy to be home, to be shooting a movie of this magnitude here at home is one of the great privileges I have had in my career.?

The movie, which takes place largely in Japan, includes cast members Will Yun Lee, Brian Tee, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Rila Fukushima, and Tao Okamoto.

Not willing to put down his claws anytime soon, the sexy superhero praised the role, saying, “This one has certainly been the most interesting and complex of the Superhero characters. I do take my career one (step) at a time and I feel like a golfer always looking for that hole in one.”

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/hugh-jackman/hugh-jackman-shows-aussie-prime-minister-around-wolverine-set-698927

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