Question by Evangelist A Smith: I am in need of a new phone I am trying to keep up with technology and I have a straight talk phone and need?
to upgrade to a smart phone I need advice on which phone is the best for a beginner like me. I’ve heard about blackberry, iphone5, samsung galaxy5s, samsung note2 I am clueless so somebody please help me to understand the difference between these phones and which one is the best oh yeah I’d like to continue to use an unlimited prepaid card.

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Answer by Caesar
A smart phone is any phone that runs a “smart” operating system. There are 3 main operating systems and they are Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. The majority of smart phones on the market run Android, but there are few that are considerably popular. The most popular Android phones are the Samsung Galaxy series and the Google Nexus series. There are far less phones that run Windows Phone 7 and the fewest phones run iOS. Only Apple phones run iOS.

Apple’s line of smart phones is called the iPhone and is perhaps the most expensive $ 500+. Most people who get an iPhone get it on contract so they don’t have to “pay” for it they get it “free” – you do pay for it in the end though through your tariff.

The Android range of phones is extensive and has varying prices, some are as expensive or more expensive than the iPhone but there are many more that are cheap. The cheapest Android phone would be the Samsung Galaxy Y at around $ 120 you can get one on Amazon [1].

This phone is tiny however and people new to smart phones might find it a bit fidgety. All smart phones on the market today use touch screen interfaces. The phone has icons for launching apps you simply tap the icon you want to launch. You can get more apps for your phone through an app store. The iPhones use the Apple App store, the Windows phones use the Microsoft App store and the Android phones use the Google Play store. Some apps you have to pay for but most are free. You don’t have to buy apps you can survive without the premium ones.

The second step up on Android which would be slightly bigger is a Samsung Galaxy Ace [2] which is slightly more expensive at $ 185 but the one I linked is unlocked and you should be able to use your existing sim card in it from your old phone. I wouldn’t recommend going any higher than this if you are new to smart phones as you would be paying for features you probably don’t need and forgive me for being rude but features you probably wouldn’t understand yet.

This is all a lot to take in but I would say it’s better to learn hands on, which is why I have suggested two cheap but reasonable phones to begin with. Pick one and try it out. You shouldn’t need to upgrade or change phones for some time after it.

Oh and as for Blackberry they aren’t really worth mentioning as they were popular but have more or less been abandoned by most smart phone users, they have a number of issues with usability. The real appeal of Blackberry was the blackberry messenger or bbm as it was abbreviated to which allowed you to send messages to friends for free but any Android phone can do that with Google Talk and there are a tonne of Apps like Skype and Whatsapp for Android which do the same thing.

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