Question by J B: I am looking for a cassette called Seasons of Prayer by Paul Hildebrand recorded many years ago in Tempe,Az?
The cassette has Promise Productions 1115 E Redondo Circle,Tempe.Az 85252 on it and I’m wondering if it is still available. I would like to purchase it.

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Answer by beentheredonethat
I’ll answer just so you know for sure your question wasn’t ignored.

The address you gave is a house. And the business that operated from there either went with the owners of the house when they moved or is simply no longer in business.

So, given that, that in itself is a dead end.

What you may want to do, however, is contact churches in that area (wrong zip code – by the way – it’s actually 85282) and talk to the music directors of the churches. The production company that did exist when the cassette was produced may have marketed that material first to the churches immediately around them. Start with East Valley Bible Church and Grace Community Church – two of the biggies in the Tempe area. See what leads you might get from them – if the music directors can not help you directly, ask them for the names of other churches in the area that might be able to.

Good luck!

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