Question by Zooker: I am planning to start a social networking site for college students to exchange stuffs, Will it work?
I am planning to start a social networking site for college students to date, chat, sent free SMS , call, play online games and create virtual tours of college to show where you met your love, your college etc. and also create virtual tournaments.
Privacy to messages, groups and friends will be given.

Exchanging pictures,videos and music through mobile at a go will also be available.

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Answer by johntrottier
I hope you have:
1. money
2. Have or know someone who has an strong background in computer security. Otherwise your test site will be hacked in about 3 minutes, turning your dream into just another machine in a spam filled bot-net
3. More money
4. The business credentials to get in the door and execute a contract that will give you access to the computing power and Internet access you will need
5. More money
6. Are or know people who are hot shot graphic designers, programmers, database experts and accountants so that you can keep up with the big boys in features and know how much money you have and how much owe the bank.
7 A very understanding banker, which is going to be very hard to find today, and a lot of patience, since you will be going up against established sites that have a huge head start on you.

I am not saying that it is impossible, but I suspect you have a better chance of winning the World Series of Poker than beating out the big boys like YouTube and FaceBook today.

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