The Lying Game has become one of ABC Family?s hottest show and the beautiful Alice Greczyn is one of the reasons. Not only she is one heck of an actress she as sweet as can be. I know this because I was fortunate enough to participate in a Q&A interview session with her the other day. I had the best time chatting with Alice and I learned so much about the rising star. Like she is a foodie, no joke she is very passionate about food. In fact she has even had dog thanks to her parents who fed it to her as a child, yes dog. The most exotic dish she even had on of her own choosing is barbecued alligator, which she actually liked. The brunette beauty is not at all afraid to try new and interesting types of food. She is also a fan of writing about food, as a side hobby when she was living in Los Angeles Alice would do restaurant reviews. In fact when asked if she would ever do a food TV show Greczyn admitted her passion for food will probably manifest itself more in writing than TV. Turns out she is not […]


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