Question by Daniel: Is there an iPod touch app that can view security cameras?
I want an app that can view security cameras using the ip adress from the Internet . So I can see scurity cameras in my school and stuff.

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Answer by William
You cant view cameras unless you are give permission CCTV Closed Circuit TV (note the closed circuit)

95% of cameras and DVR will not allow you to view them with the I phone or other smart phones.
And even then you need permission and password.

One of the few manufactures that allow you to do this is Ascendent Technology Group.

The AVP Series is an intelligent, cost-effective CCTV management solution, integrating the latest technology and the most advanced features while maintaining a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface. The AVP Series is a complete 24/7 turn key solution that meets the demanding security needs of today’s business and home owners.

Key Features:
• 4CH Real time DVR
• Cost effective turn key CCTV solution
• True Plug and play operation
• Ultra High Resolution D1 Images
• H.264 reduces file size to 40% of Mpeg4 and 200% of MPEG2.
• USB 2.0 Smart backup automatically includes software on backup medium
• Built-in 1600×1200 V G A display
• 5 year warranty on HDD
• Remote connectivity; view and configure DVR from anywhere using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, and I phone (free)

For an online demo:
Open an internet browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox)
Type into the address bar.
Type in the username and password:
( Username: admin Password: admin)

(I phone app provided when you purchase a DVR)

Smart Backup Backup has never been easier or faster once you have found the video by either time or search. Simply input the time and cameras you wish and backup via USB 2.0 drive. When you backup video the playback software is automatically installed on the flash drive eliminating the need for codecs or special programs saving both time and money.

Remote Connectivity The AVP Series has industry-leading remote connectivity allowing you to connect and view all your cameras instantly from anywhere in the world using either PC or MAC platforms. The AVP also allows for remote setup giving installers and integrators the ability to quickly and cost-effectively support their customers with sufficient privileges to do so.

VGA Display (1600X1200) The AVP Series has an embedded High resolution (Super extended Graphics Array) allowing you to view your cameras on high definition displays such as LCD, DLP and Plasma (up to1600X1200 resolution).This eliminates the stretching, pixelation and distortion that normally occurs, leaving you with vivid crystal-clear images.

Plug and Play Operation While the features and technology are highly advanced they are designed around a user-friendly graphical interface for simple and quick operation. The AVP Series professional DVR system is now as easy to use as a VCR with search, backup, display and remote connections that are easily set up in less than fifteen minutes from start to finish. The AVP Series automatically rewrites the oldest image with the newest, providing effective maintenance-free operation.

Longevity and Reliability The AVP Series is comprised of high quality components precision engineered for unparalleled performance and real ability for flawless 24/7 operation. We use only the finest Seagate HDDs designed for continuous operation and backed by a 5-year warranty directly from Seagate.

Aesthetic Low-Profile Design All these features integrated into a rugged and stylish aluminum chassis allow it to be used in the most upscale installations making the AV Series the choice for professional security integrators worldwide.

The AVP comes in a 4, 8, and 16ch and offers real time performance for both display and record.

Manufacturer: Ascendent Technology Group

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