Jennifer Lawrence is going to rake it in for Catching Fire! She is set to make $10 million, which supposedly has the rest of the cast wanting more too. Jennifer really played this one well. Coming into a huge franchise with not much of a name for herself she played her cards right. She nailed the part and now fans can?t se anyone fill her spot. So going form $500 K to $10 million was no problem for producers.   Liam and Josh are supposedly also asking for more. They were already offered $2 million but want to bump that up to $5 million. They have larger roles this time around, but in my opinion, they are still replaceable. I know a lot of actors would pick that up for a cool $2 million. Let?s keep some perspective.   Honestly, I am not looking forward to these movies that much. I saw Hunger Games before reading the books and loved it. They could have stopped there and it would have been fine for me. Then I read the books. I feel the same way. I feel like Katniss becomes this weak, stupid girl and a completely different character. I would […]


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