A sexy Jude Law was spotted making a quick change on the set of his new film ?The Bitter Pill? in New York City on Tuesday afternoon (May 1).

The ?Sherlock Holmes? actor made his way to the dressing room in a plain white tee and sweats, but quickly exited his trailer looking dashing and ready to get his workday started in a business casual suit.

In personal news, the 39-year-old star recently spoke to GQ magazine about the importance of professionalism in Tinseltown.

“Gone are the days when people could drink vodka off-set and them stumble on and do their lines,” Law said. “In a Sherlock Holmes film you’re going to get exhausted or injured and you’re going to stall a massive engine that’s costing a lot of money. Robert Downey Jr does lots of yoga and Kung Fu. He’s become a fitness fanatic and is in incredible shape. I like a drink, a late night and a good meal, but there’s no point turning up for work feeling rubbish.”

“As an actor you crave the freedom to lie in bed and eat what you want, because you’re signing yourself over to a schedule, but then when you haven’t got it, your life feels out of sorts,” Law added. “It’s fun to be on set, feeling your best and being ahead of the game.”

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/jude-law/jude-law-casual-suave-623266

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