Yes, I know. It’s just low to make fun of Justin Bieber. You know why? Because he is just such a nice guy and really takes care of his fans. But this particular outfit stood out badly enough to make me stoop so low. The hat. The baggy sweat pants. The A-neck t-shirt, and the Mr. T necklace. Come on Biebs. What happened? It’s pretty bad. It looks like he snuck into Vanilla Ice’s dressing room and stole a pair of his pajamas. It doesn’t matter, because the entire group of photos is from an awesome set of fan pics from Twitter. He actually sat there and had the patience to capture picture after picture smiling with fans, and THEN he posted them to his Twitter for millions to see. That is real class. You go Justin. Now just, please, throw on a regular hat and maybe just some basketball shorts next time. And fix those eyebrows, hun. Okay? For more of his awesome pics, goto his Twitter account.  


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