Justin Bieber wanted to make Taylor Swift cry on Punk?d! haha am I the only one who finds that funny? Seriously, I will admit it ? I already have my DVR recording the Punk?d series. I don?t care who is doing it, it is funny shiz and who doesn?t need a good laugh at 10 pm ESTon Thursdays? Life is hard, let the celebs punk each other and give us a good laugh over it. It is not going to flop though ? the execs made sure of that when they chose Justin Bieber to start if off. Who wont tune into that? The kid has a zillion fans! Justin was on Jimmy Kimmel live last night with his Punk?s mentor, Ashton Kutcher. It was there that he revealed his motivation behind pranking fellow do gooder ? Taylor Swift. “Taylor Swift is such a sweet girl…I just really wanted to make her cry.” And he does. Justin managed to convince Tswizle that she blew up a boat on which a wedding was taking place. I have to agree. I love the Biebes and Taylor they are good kids, good celebrities, good to their fans and thankful, so it is nice […]

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