Is there a Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom divorce on the horizon? I sure hope not, but for now I am not going to worry too much because you have to consider the source of the ?breaking news.?   First off, this one comes to us from the prestigious Star Magazine, who might have run this story alongside something about Area 51. But, believe it or not, they occasional publish things that are at least remotely based on facts. I?m not saying this one is, but who knows.   Star ran the story on their cover which says in huge letters ?THE END.? It features Khloe with her lips pursed and Lamar in a little box next to her looking like he is about to sneeze.   Very typical of them.   The two main reasons they give on the cover is that he was ?caught with a naked woman,? and they even cite Khloe?s infertility.   Out of the many fascinating quotes in the magazine, this one is my favorite, which comes from an ?insider:?   ?(Lamar) has been playing the worst basketball of his NBA career? Lamar is super depressed. And Khloe is really having trouble handling his emotional […]


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