If there was ever anyone who needs to be snipped, it is this guy. First off, he managed to knock-up Sarah Palin?s daughter and all but cost her mother the vice-presidency. Now he is up to his old tricks again. The boy man who was once with Bristol Palin has somehow gotten another girl pregnant out of wedlock. For this, he definitely earns himself a fashion fail. I guess it helps that he is always pretty disheveled looking, but today?s focus won?t be his clothing.   Instead, it will be his decision making. A few years ago Bristol came out and basically said that she wasn?t in her right mind the night her son Tripp was conceived. That really gave him the class act title.   Now that his ex-girlfriend/baby momma has done everything she can to distance herself from him, he is once again making tabloid headlines.   This time around for getting a 20-year-old girl named Sunny Oglesby pregnant. I don?t know if he just has a thing for people with strange names, or if somehow Alaskan authorities only allow people in who have less than mainstream names.   Anyway this girl is apparently only a few months […]

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