Last night at midnight his film ?The Hunger Games? hit theaters, and Liam Hemsworth has been riding a crazy tidal wave of fame.

During his interview on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show, Hemsworth chatted about his relationship with former ?Hannah Montana? actress Miley Cyrus in light of his increased popularity.

?She?s [Miley] one of the biggest stars in the world, there?s no shadowing her. She embraces it, she?s very very happy for me. I?ve had a few marriage proposals from 12 year old girls! It?s really an awkward question to get a marriage proposal from someone you don?t know at all, and who doesn?t know you!?

Liam also mentioned his pre-?Hunger Games? workout regimen- ?I did. No one said it to me, personally. They got a personal trainer?and I just proceeded to lose a lot of weight. I was eating a lot less. My brother [Chris] was a big part of it also. He texted me and said, ?It?s called ?Hunger Games,? not ?Eating Games.??

As for his relationship with his role in the film, Hemsworth noted, ?When I read the books I always connected to my character more, I played Gale Hawthorne. I always thought that I could play him the best. The thing about Gale is that he is extremely passionate about not siding with these games. He doesn?t want to be a part of them. He?s trying to fight back. He?s trying to find a way to get away from it. I thought that if I was in that situation that I would do the same thing.?


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