Day two on Lifetime?s 7 Days of Sex Challenge and it is definitely challenging. I see why this is so difficult. You literally have to make time to make it work cause life just gets in the way. I am 9 months pregnant and about to pop. Granted, I want to get the bay out asap, I am so uncomfortable! They say sex helps, so let’s hope we get an added bonus. ? My husband?s grandfather has been in the hospital for what they think is a stroke. He is 91, and we just celebrated his birthday last weekend. Boy, am I glad we were able to make it to the party. We are all hoping for the best, but it is definitely stressful. Additionally my hubby is trying to plan for his absence at work for when the baby comes, he is taking 13 days so that is a lot of planning and stress for him. But he was all for this challenge and was very much looking forward to it. I know he is thinking about the 6 weeks postpartum lol. We had a busy week so we ordered take out (not cooking definitely makes things easier) and […]


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