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Literary Soon-to-Reads. Stuff on my short list, 2004 (annotated)
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Image by rjnagle
Unlike this photo , this photo contains the books I’ll actually get around to reading. I admit rearranging the shelf slightly for the sake of the photo (mainly to make the covers visible), but it’s otherwise in its natural habitat. If you are admiring this stack, you probably should read Scott Esposito’s how to tell if you own too many books . For kicks, you might want to compare the contents of this shelf with the books I’ve actually managed to finish.

Tom Murphy is Natterjack PR
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Image by Irish Typepad
Tom Murphy hosts Natterjack PR and is director of corporate marketing for Irish software company Cape Clear. He told Elaine Larkin that blogging is "still at the early stages in Ireland." Bloggers need to have common sense, he notes. "

"You need to be aware that your blog is in the public domain once you publish it. Therefore, it can be found using Google or any other search engine," he warns.

From his interview with the Irish Independent:

If people are going to blog related to their business, he says it’s important to understand what the employer’s view is. If they’re not happy about it, the best bet might be to keep the topics covered away from the workplace."You wouldn’t write an article and submit it to a newspaper slagging off your boss, so you shouldn’t be doing that on your blog either," comments Murphy. Releasing confidential information and talking about customers is, of course, also asking for trouble.

Extracted from Elaine Larkin — "Beware of the blog" in the Irish Independent, February 17, 2005.