‘Now it’s officially time to move forward,’ Baltimore MC tells MTV News of getting to work with Bad Boy Records.
By Rob Markman

Photo: MTV News

Los had no idea that Diddy would be announcing his signing to Bad Boy with MTV News at the top of the month, but now that the cat is out of the bag, the Baltimore, Maryland, rap standout is excited to get to work.

“He didn’t tell me that he was gonna say it. I think that he was just in the moment and he was just goin’ and it just kinda came out,” Los told MTV News on Tuesday. “I got the news at the same time other people got the news.”

The The Crown Ain’t Safe MC officially signed his deal with Diddy’s storied label at the end of last year, but they had decided to save the announcement. The news broke a little earlier than Los expected, but he is hyped up nonetheless. “I was just excited about it. I was like, ‘Now it’s officially time to move forward, let’s get everything goin’,’ because we had been keeping it low for a minute,” he said.

This isn’t Los’ first go-round with Bad Boy, however. He auditioned for Puff’s “Making the Band 2” in 2002 and made it to the end of the competition, but wasn’t a part of the manufactured Da Band because he wouldn’t sign the necessary waivers. The truth is, Los wasn’t interested in being a part of a group, but he would go on to sign a solo deal with Diddy around 2005. The original Bad Boy deal went through a local independent label that Los was signed to, but after the owners of the label went through some legal trouble, Los was released from Bad Boy in 2008. Still, he and Combs maintained a connection.

“He called me every day, every night; he called me,” Los said. “Man this guy don’t sleep; he would call me 2 in the morning, then text me 3 in the morning, text me 4, 5. I’m like, ‘Yo when is he getting rest?’ ”

Diddy’s texts would pretty much mirror the motivational tweets he’s known to send. In the middle of the night, Los we get random messages like “Let’s make history” and “Let’s go!” It was that type of energy that the young MC craved. Eventually he decided that he would once again sign with Bad Boy.

“It just reminded me of his brand and what it represents: no sleep, hard work, history, success,” Los said of the work ethic that has become synonymous with all things Diddy. “I decided to bring it back to Puff, and I felt like no one could amplify my situation as much as he could anyway.”

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