Gearing up for the March 25th season five premiere, the stars of “Mad Men” joined together for at The Times Center in New York City on Tuesday night (March 20).

There for the TimesTalk: A Conversation with the Cast of ‘Mad Men’ event were co-stars Christina Hendricks, January Jones and Jon Hamm, along with fellow castmates such as Jared Harris, Dave Itzkoff, John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser.

Joining the actors and actresses of the Emmy-winning show at the Times Talk panel was the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, who recently was asked by the NY Times about how he prepares for writing a new season.

To this, Weiner replied, “What really happens is there?s about a three-week rumination period, which involves a lot of napping, a lot of holding books. Whether I?m reading them or not, I cannot say. A lot of conversation, unrelated to the show, where I think about my own life. I get a sense of where I?m going and what I think is the next part of these people?s lives.”

Continuing on, Matthew added, “Before the premiere of Season 4, I didn?t tell anybody whether or not they had a new agency, or whether or not they?d failed. We could have come back and they could have been back at Sterling Cooper in those offices. Just taking [Don’s] engagement: so is that going to go through or not? What is the next stage in this person?s life? What is the story I want to tell about that?”


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