Madonna?s video for her single ?Girl Gone Wild? has been deemed too raunchy for YouTube, well for open viewed YouTube anyway. Is anyone really surprised the one of the most controversial singers has a video banned from the video viewing site, not me.   I have made no secret that I am a Madonna fan through and through, have been for years which is why there isn?t a whole heck of a lot that she does that shocks me. After all the Queen of Pop is known for loving to push the envelope if you will. That being said the fact that her new ?Girl Gone Wild? video was slapped with an age restriction by YouTube is not a surprise at all. Honestly I will admit I kind of agree with what the video viewing site has done in terms of Madge?s new video. It is definitely not suitable for everyone as quite honestly a lot of her stuff isn’t. That isn?t to say that I don?t think it is an awesome video for an amazing song by a killer singer, which I 100% do. However I still would not want my young nieces and nephews to be viewing it. […]


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