I hope you aren’t eating anything. If so, put it down, and finish chewing your last bite. Goth rocker Marilyn Manson is rumored to be hooking up with… Avril Levigne?! That is just plain wrong. First of all, I am not a huge Avril fan. She is a WAY better writer than she is a singer/performer. Everybody knows that she has been a ghostwriter for some of the biggest hits ever. So how does she end up with Manson? I mean, I think the last real relationship Avril had was with that punk-rocker guy she married. Then she ended up with Brody Jenner. Sure that was a jump in class and taste all by itself. Jenner couldn’t be any more preppy and country-club, and that Whibley guy was a little bit on the squared-jawed punk-rocker side. So I’m not sure what she is going for here. I guess she may have a thing for pale, eye make-up wearing guys with fake breast implants, because that’s what she got with Marilyn. Luckily the majority of the so-called “facts” from this story are from Star, so it may be a bunch of nonsense, but apparently these two have been friends for a […]

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