After being confronted by her boyfriend’s "pregnant" side chick, Mimi Faust took to Twitter to let fans know she now has clarity on her "situation" with Stevie J. Deets inside…..

Mimi Faust’s appearance on VH1’s "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" haven’t done her public image any favors, but last night’s episode took things to a whole new level.

First, she had to deal with being confronted by her man’s side chick, who revealed that she was pregnant. During a very tense conversation, side chick Joseline Hernandez took the more aggressive role and confronted Mimi about both of their relationships with Stevie J.

As they were talking, Stevie J. showed up at the venue.  And with a move that stunned viewers, he pulled the pregnancy test out of his pocket!  (SIDEBAR:  Why is Stevie J walking around with Joseline’s pregnancy test in his pocket?)  At that point, Mimi gathered up what was left of her dignity and exited the "scene."  Her parting words to Joseline was a very snarky, "Joseline…..good luck with your baby."

And with all this drink tossing, is anyone going to address that Stevie J. is outright abusive towards the women in his life?  Not sure what in the Ike Turner hell is going on here, but clearly he (and his chicks) think this ish is cute.

So MiMi has no offered up her response to the foolery that went down.  She tweeted,

"Doing the show was a blessing and a curse. Id still be in the dark and clueless had I not done it. The downside is dealing with the truth It hurts to find out the man u loved so much was capable of doing the most but I’ve been given the gift of clarity. My new beginning begins My only wish is for my daughter to learn from my mistakes and know her worth and never experience what I’ve been thru. I love her sooo much But at the end of the day a very dysfunctional relationship produced the most pure love Ive ever experienced. My daughter. So no regrets"

Hmm… it sounds like Mimi is done with Stevie and moving on with her life.  But based on what we’ve seen of her character, Stevie could have her back under his thumb if he wanted to.


Watch the scene here:


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