Can you imagine being audited, yes audited, to date one of Hollywood?s biggest movie stars? Well according to recent claims that is exactly what happened to actress Nazanin Boniadi thanks to being a member of the Church of Scientology, crazy! Although Nazanin has been an actress for years it isn?t her acting talent that is putting her in the spotlight these days but the fact that she dated Tom Cruise? Now if you are wondering how you missed this hook-up don?t wonder the whole world missed it because it was put in place by the powers that be at the Church of Scientology. Nope I am not kidding and if you don?t believe me ask Paul Haggis, or rather read the email he wrote to Vanity Fair where he not only defends his friend Boniadi but talks about the incident as he refers to it. Paul isn?t the only one spilling the beans about how a number of actresses, who at the time were involved with Scientology, were auditioned to be in what they thought was a Cruise film. However in reality they were being considered to date him, this was back in 2004 shortly after his relationship with Penelope […]


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