A few nice gigs media images I found:

gigs media
Image by shannonkringen
from the window of another modeling gig…at cage academy of aRt seattle

Street Portrait Six
gigs media
Image by _driftwood
These shots were taken on a mamiya, last year, and i was assisted by Alex Welsh & Kat Timmins, who alternated between holding the reflector where it needed to be held, and generally gave me a hand with walking up to random strangers and asking them if i could take their photo. We just chose anyone that we found vaguely interesting.

This guy was excellent. He came up to us and said "aahh you two gentleman look like the perfect consumers to purchase my wonderful cd" (alex & i both have long hair). We unfortunately had no money at the time, so could not repay him for letting us take his photo by buying his cd, but what a mighty pose he chose to pull. Actually, i have NO idea who he is, i’ve seen him knocking around at the odd gig but never went and spoke to him. So if you do know who he is, link me to a website of his if he has one, or something of that nature.