Some cool phoenix marketing images:

Scout poster 28th April 2006 [72]
phoenix marketing
Image by Leo Reynolds
Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

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1. GMC truck, 2. By the time I get to Phoenix…, 3. sign, 4. saturated rainbow, 5. rat stencil, 6. woodland doll’s head, 7. knob and letter box, 8. door detail,

9. Squared Circle Mosaics Mosaic, 10. Letter and Digit Mosaics Mosaic, 11. round tower church, 12. one leaf, 13. A-Z Three, 14. angel, 15. teddy bear, 16. squared circle – Covers,

17. owl, 18. squared circle mosaic – Cemetery Symbols, 19. leaf, 20. RED HOT!, 21. A-Z Two, 22. stencil, 23. OINK! OINK!, 24. car park,

25. lever, 26. statue, 27. owl, 28. A-Z One, 29. Property Numbers 1-100 Set Mosaic, 30. 21, 31. Brickmakers pub sign, 32. insect,

33. hover fly and poppy, 34. bell pushes, 35. UK car number plate – FL1 CKR, 36. bricks, 37. garden ornament, 38. new market stalls and City Hall, 39. Swan Vesta Matches, 40. memorial,

41. blue peeling paint, 42. Portrait, 43. glass sculpture detail, 44. &, 45. skull and cross bones, 46. memorial detail – skull, 47. blue door and red door, 48. shop,

49. letter box, 50. Norwich Cathedral, 51. gritter, 52. rusty grill with peeling plastic, 53. window, 54. FLICKRS ROAD – is this the first?, 55. telephone dial, 56. signs – VOTE GREEN PARTY,

57. Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II cutout, 58. Barney – cute shot for today, 59. zest table and chairs, 60. spider’s web over hole in brick, 61. vw pink, 62. trivial pursuit – orange cake with wedges, 63. Chatting with D – cutout, 64. closeup on urban decay,

65. abandoned guitar, 66. Womble W, 67. sign, 68. Bill Posters will be prosecuted, 69. Red liquorice allsorts, 70. Owl, 71. Up close with toothpaste, 72. Ringo Starr badge

Housing inventory growth in Phoenix
phoenix marketing
Image by ericskiff
There was an interesting comment on the housing bubble blog listing "available inventory", otherwise known as the number of houses currently for sale, in Phoenix. It listed the available inventory on a daily basis from 7/20/2006 to 5/9/2006 (up to the day it was posted!)

Phoenix is one of the "hot" markets of the housing bubble, but certainly isn’t the top of the list. Inventory run ups like this are being seen nation wide, and are leading to price reductions (if the seller is smart) and long waits to sell as bubble flippers all try to cash out at once.

They’re all looking for the bigger sucker right now.

Road Rage Study Released Today
phoenix marketing
Image by Malingering
Miami tops rude drivers list; Minneapolis rated nicest

Associated Press Writer

May 16. 2006 7:25PM
Stressed Miami drivers speed, tailgate and cut off other drivers so frequently that the city earned the title of worst road rage in a survey released Tuesday.

AutoVantage, an automobile membership club offering travel services and roadside assistance, also listed Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles and Boston among the top five cities for rude driving.

Minneapolis, Nashville, St. Louis, Seattle and Atlanta were rated as the cities with the most courteous drivers, who were less likely to change lanes without signaling or swear at other motorists.

More than 2,000 adult drivers who regularly commute in 20 major metropolitan areas were asked to rate road rage and rude driving in telephone surveys between January and March. The survey conducted by Prince Market Research has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points.

Drivers owned up to some rude behavior themselves: Nearly all said they had talked on a cell phone while driving, and 64 percent acknowledged they occassionally drive too fast.

Young drivers and people with long commutes were found to be the most likely to react to an aggressive or rude driver. The top reactions included honking the horn, cursing or making an obscene gesture.

No distinct differences were found between male and female drivers.

"Human behavior is so involved with crashes at all levels," said Elly Martin, a spokeswoman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "(Aggressive driving) is a pattern of behavior drivers exhibit over and over."

AutoVantage, based in Norwalk, Conn., hopes to use the survey to educate people about how to resist road rage. Among its tips are remaining calm and not making eye contact with an angry driver.

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