A few nice text message marketing images I found:

Why Eat the Ugly Apple?
text message marketing
Image by roboppy
These posters are part of a project I had to do for class. Unfortunately, the project…um, kinda fell by the wayside and my partner and I need reactions to it. NOOOOW.

Our project was to make some kind of marketing campaign to raise awareness about local, sustainable agriculture as opposed to…well, the other stuff. Agribusiness, produce that comes from a bagillion miles away, etc.

We’re not in a graphic design course, so we’re not looking for responses about the design as much as the message. (Yeah, they’re both important and we like suggestions, but our project is focused on food, not design.) Since most of your are probably food-minded, you might already know about farmer’s markets and why it’s better to eat local food.

…But if you’re not so food minded, would these posters incite any interest? We tried to make it somewhat eye-catching and mildly professional.

We plan to print up a bunch of copies and hang them up…somewhere. We don’t know. SOMEWHERE AROUND NYU. If you have suggestions, let me know. Hell, feel free to print this out and hang it up somewhere. If you’re bored.

OMG PEOPLE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THE MESSAGE! If you don’t care about the message, you can even say that! It’s okay!

Okay, after the lack of response about the message (MAYBE YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT LOCAL FARMS ALREADY…WHICH IS COOL) I guess this isn’t…really doing anything in that department, in which case it doesn’t seem worth it to print these out and post them? Which I guess we have to do..really soon. Oops. Ah! Um. Yeah, this project wasn’t well planned.

Tips for Selling Peace, Love, Freedom
text message marketing
Image by Felix42 contra la censura
The bleeding of text from behind into the image is an interesting viral marketing campaign.
Fortitude Valley Mall, Brisbane.