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My “Hipster” organizer
todays technologies
Image by Afroswede
I saw this first from leff, and the idea struck me as totally cool. I eventually had to try it myself, so I found the original website and built my own.

I found, however, that a stack of index cards was not exactly terribly resilient in my back pocket, so I cut and folded an old calendar back to make a sleeve for it. Now I can stuff it in my pocket and its none the worse for wear.

It’s honestly not a case of being cheap. I have a PDA, but you just can’t get data into it fast enough, even with the psuedo-handwriting feature. Technology will eventually obsolete pen and paper, but not today.

The Butterfly Effect
todays technologies
Image by drp
In 1972, Ed Lorenz, a meteorologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was running computerized equations to theoretically model and predict weather conditions.

Having run a particular sequence, he decided to replicate it. Lorenz re-entered a slightly different number thinking that the miniscule change wouldn’t effect the outcome. The second run started out the same, but in time that small variation began to multiply and the new weather pattern was totally different from the first.

What Lorenz discovered is that the weather could never be accurately predicted long term because the tiniest disturbance of the air (like the beating of a butterfly’s wings) would eventually lead to radically different results given enough time, and change the weather patterns all over that world.

It was named "The Butterfly Effect," and it gave birth to a new form of science – Chaos Theory – which deals with issues like sensitive dependence on initial condition.

And here you thought is was just the name of some dopey movie starring Ashton Kutcher.


For the month of February (2005), I am posting a link to a different "Flickr friend" each day. It may be a person you already know, or a completely new discovery, but it’s someone whose work and vision I feel you might really enjoy.

I call it the "Flickr Daily Photog Pickr," and today’s pick is JavaJive :


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