Nicki Minaj used Twitter to lash out at her Barbz and media who are upset she had to cancel her upcoming European performances. See what she said inside….


Following the advice of her doctor, Nicki Minaj pulled out of shows at Britain’s V Festival & in Dublin at the last minute due to bruised vocal chords.  And apparently, many of her fans got a little pissy.  Nicki wasn’t too happy that people attacked her for focusing on her health so she cussed them out on Twitter this morning saying:

“I will NOT let you people make me feel horrible for a f*cking HEALTH issue! That’s what got me in this mess! I should’ve listened to the doctor!”

And added,

“Like people are hitting me telling me I should’ve mimed. No! Then you woulda made a f*cking STORY out of that too! #killyaf*ckingself. All you do is rip people apart and when they’re dead and gone you won’t lose a wink of sleep. #goF*ckYourselves.”

A slightly more mellow Nicki spoke to certain complaining fans and media again saying,

I am so thankful to my true fans who understand WHY I couldn’t play #VFestival & WHY I can’t play Dublin. Absolutely gutted

However, if u have anything negative to say to me, please #EatShitAndDie – I am human.

I was in jeopardy of losing my voice entirely and needing surgery on my vocal chord. If u can’t understand that, your mother’s a WHORE!!!!


Well damn.  If Nicki speaks to her fans this way….what would she say to an enemy?


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