Some cool arizona marketing images:

Old Market Door
arizona marketing
Image by Lance and Erin

Wow! 42 images – thanks everyone!
arizona marketing
Image by cybertoad
At one point or another, all of these photos have been in explore… thank you!

1. Market Place Neon at Dusk, 2. Mauro, Mariely & the Skyline, 3. Winged Beauty, 4. Dirty Harry Interpretation (Week 32), 5. Red Taiko #1, 6. Mecom Fountain @ Night, 7. Lizard Love, 8. Inspired (Week 29),

9. Mom Post Cataract Surgery, 10. Lemon-Lime Ghost, 11. Pink Converse, 12. BarStool Magazine August 2007 Cover, 13. Red & Turquoise, 14. Looking Down (Week 22), 15. TTV Me (Week 21), 16. Potty Humor,

17. Cosmo on Green, 18. The Rock, 19. Twilight Magic on the Bridge, 20. New York Memories (Week 13), 21. Swish, 22. Arizona Sunset, 23. Triple Daisy Power!, 24. I scream for ice cream!,

25. Perfect Day for a Beautiful Skyline, 26. Solarized Black & White Stalls, 27. Feathered Beauty, 28. Red Feather Headdress, 29. Pointing Up, 30. Pretty Balloons, 31. Jobless Piers, 32. Darkroom Solarized Houston (not digital),

33. On the Pedestrian Bridge, 34. Hello., 35. Elee’s Tail, 36. Hug at the Water Wall, 37. Houston Skyline from Allen Parkway, 38. garden frog, 39. Blue – Gold #2, 40. Whee!!!,

41. Hungry Monarch, 42. Another favorite shot.

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Nosehill Park
arizona marketing
Image by ocean.flynn
This is a thumbnail of much larger image taken at Nosehill Park. Using Google Maps I created my own
spoked map from this location. Google maps lets users create hubs by linking a set of converging lines to a specific spot.

Facing due East from Nosehill Moosonee/Moose Factory, ON; tip of James

Bay; Meteor Lake, QC?; North tip of Newfoundland;

Facing North Northeast to Chicoutimi, PQ (just south of the line);

Rimouski, PQ; Gaspe, Saint Johns, Newfoundland; Pau, France;

Facing Northeast from Nosehill

Facing due North from Nosehill Shaganappi Trail NW, then Edgebrook,

then Hamtpon, then Kincora, Sylvan Lake, Carstairs, Didsbury,

Yellowknife, NWT (1255km)

Facing Northwest from Nosehill to Fort St. John (734 km)

Facing West Northwest from Nosehill 661km to Prince George, BC

Facing due West from Nosehill Seebe (km), Canmore (km); c. Port Hardy,

Vancouver Island, BC (Pacific Ocean) (937km);

Facing West Southwest from Nosehill to Cowichan Bay (726km)

Facing Southwest from Nosehill Southwest to Seattle (711km)

Facing South Southwest from Nosehill (Priddis Hwy 22); Spokane (456km)

Nosehill to University of Calgary South South Southwest

Facing due South from Nosehill Montana, Idaho, Nevada/Utah, Arizona ,


Facing South southeast from Nosehill to South Southeast to Lethbridge


Facing Southeast from Nosehill

Facing East southeast from Nosehill to Medicine Hat, to Pointe-Noire from


To Cowichan Bay (726km)