Tending to her role as one of the brand’s new ambassadors, Olivia Wilde got all glammed up for a Revlon commercial shoot in New York City on Wednesday (May 2).

Paying no attention to the drizzling rain, the stunning blonde beauty strutted confidently down the street in a white summer dress as camera crews captured material for the surely alluring upcoming ad spot.

Aside from her beauty endeavors, Miss Wilde recently produced a documentary titled “Baseball in the Time of Cholera” – which is about the Cholera epidemic ravaging the people of Haiti.

Asked to tell what drew Haiti to her periphery in a new interview with Huffington Post, the 28-year-old actress explained, “My mom is a journalist and she did a piece for CBS news in 1987. I went with her after that, and fell in love with Haiti. And then Bryn and I met the same people in LA who gave us an opportunity to go to Haiti and to be useful. Then I started going every few months. It’s definitely one of my favorite places on earth. There is so much beauty, in addition to its troubles. Hopefully the film will allow people to see the beautiful side of Haiti, and the people. And maybe go there themselves and see why it’s a country worth saving, acknowledging, and caring about instead of allowing it to be swallowed up into the pit of poverty. It’s been like that for too long.”

Olivia added, “And the amazing thing is that it’s all doable. The UN does have this incredible budget, if they could allocate a huge chunk of that to eradicating cholera, they could also eradicate several other waterborne diseases. Through sanitation water projects, they could save thousands of innocent lives. And then Haiti could start getting back on its feet. There are so many projects that David and Bryn are involved with that are all about sustainable health. This is not just a Band-Aid. This is about allowing this country to thrive in the way it really can and should. The people there are incredible. I love it there. I’m excited to go next week, and we’ll be going there for the rest of our lives.”

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/olivia-wilde/olivia-wilde-blonde-beautiful-revlon-624771

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