Brad and Angelina’s wedding plan, talking to George Clooney and 3-D desserts are a few things we’ll remember about this year’s show.
By Josh Horowitz

On the red carpet for Sunday’s Academy Awards
Photo: MTV News

So I guess this means the 2013 Academy Awards season has begun? I jest (kinda). But it seems like this past awards season lasted forever. I mean, it kind of did. Legit contenders had emerged by the time the Cannes film festival began last May. By now, I’m pretty sure the stars of “The Artist” are sick of the sounds of their own voices … I mean, if they had spoken in the film. You know what I mean.

Last night was a fine sendoff to another fun awards season. I had a blast covering my fourth Oscars red carpet. It’s always a true privilege to be a tiny part of something I’ve been obsessed with since I was old enough to watch TV. One of the true pleasures of doing the awards season circuit for MTV News is getting a chance to talk to some of the folks I’ve worshiped from afar for years, and this go-round was no different. Last night, Christopher Plummer, Gary Oldman, Kenneth Branagh and Nick Nolte all stopped to chat with me on the carpet. The 14-year-old Josh is very impressed.

And then there are the newbies. Rooney Mara, Jessica Chastain, even Shailene Woodley (unjustly looked over by the Academy) all were red-carpet regulars over the last few months and will surely be for many years to come.

It’s hard to sum up a nearly four-hour red carpet in a few paragraphs, but here are a few select moments I’ll look back on with a smile from the 84th Academy Awards red carpet.

George Clooney gets everyone excited. Perhaps the most embarrassing moment for me last night came when “Muppets” Best Song winner Bret McKenzie mentioned Clooney was nearby and I got embarrassingly excited. Like, too excited for a heterosexual man. Oh well, that guy is charming. Just take a look at our chat together.

Choose your questions for Angelina Jolie carefully. Of course, it was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who arrived last on the Oscars red carpet. Side note: Strangely, Christopher Lloyd arrived right around the same time. Anyway, Angelina was breezing by so the talk was quick, but damn, that lady is a movie star (I know, breaking news). She told me she thinks of her mom (now deceased) when she thinks of the Oscars since her Academy Award win was such a proud moment for her. Then, of course, I broke the mood by asking her if she and Brad planned their wedding to be a similar size as the Oscars. With a laugh she was on her way. Never got around to asking her and Brad to adopt me.

Wolfgang Puck serves food in 3-D. Who’s been going to the Oscars for 18 years and is always the most popular guy at the Governors Ball? Why, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck of course. He was my first interview of the night and might have been my favorite. At least the oddest. I think we also had our first fight as Wolfgang explained to me that he was serving a 3-D dessert this year while wearing those silly old-school glasses. I insisted all desserts are in 3-D. There was tension. And begrudging respect. I think.

You too can be nominated for an Oscar! OK, just to clarify, I’m not saying it’s easy to get an Oscar nomination. But when an honest-to-goodness friend of yours gets one, it rocks your world a bit. Anything is possible! In this case I’m talking about Andrew Bowler, an old acquaintance from years past, who made it to the big show with his wife Gigi Causey for their great short film “Time Freak.” Seeing Andrew enjoy his well-deserved big moment on the carpet was surreal and awesome. The movies are all about seeing dreams come to life, right?

The MTV Movies team has the 2012 Oscars covered! Keep it locked at for updates on the night’s big winners and the best red-carpet fashion.

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