Please Help Me Answer this question for my college computer class?

//Please Help Me Answer this question for my college computer class?

Please Help Me Answer this question for my college computer class?

Question by Worried MOM: Please Help Me Answer this question for my college computer class?
What are some ways that you use today’s technology? How do you go about protecting you information when you are using that technology?

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Answer by Sammy
For internet /computer:

passwords, secret question – answers (for password recovery or verification), anti-virus

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  1. Anon February 2, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    For the first question, talk about the various ways that you use your computer. How do you use computer programs and the internet for school work and for fun? Some possibilities include research, writing, making presentations, keeping in touch with friends, using shopping sites to figure out best prices, etc.

    For the second question, things like using strong passwords (letters, numbers and symbols), or different passwords for different sites, using usernames that are not your actual name on websites, evaluating whether a site is legitimate before giving your credit card number, not clicking on links that you aren’t sure about where they come from.

  2. shir February 2, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    Some questions that may help you think of things to include:
    Are you on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter? If so, then you could mention that and what you do on it. Example: sharing photos with friends, commenting on their statuses, posting links to articles or videos you like, posting status updates to keep in touch with friends/family. How do you protect that info? Are you smart about not posting locations or personal infor that can be stolen? Setting everything to private or “yourself only” or “friends only” or “friends of friends” etc. Do you use the Internet for banking, shopping, or paying bills? How do you protect your account numbers/credit card numbers? Do you close the browser after each session of banking/shopping to protect your info? Do you click on random ads or do you only go to trusted sites? Do you use an antivirus program and, if so, which one? Do you disable tracking cookies? Do you run a cleaner on your system and how often? Do you use a cell phone for texting or posting to the Internet? If you send photos from a cell phone to a social network, do you make sure to disable the GPS feature on your photos tab so the location where your picture is taken is not revealed? Do you have an email account? How do you protect against spammers? Do you keep passwords/personal info in a folder on your email that a hacker could get into and steal that info? How do you choose passwords to offer yourself the greatest protection?

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