Question by alli_potts: Possible silly questions about living in Phoenix?
I am considering a move to Arizona in a few months, but had a few questions for those who live there.

Silly Question 1) Since it is very hot, a friend told me that although I would be saving money on rent, I would be paying hundreds of dollars more on air conditioning. Now this person is my boss and she is trying to talk me out of moving, so I don’t know if she is trying to scare me, but does it really cost so much for air conditioning? I am planning on a one bedroom apartment. Right now I pay between $ 90-120 for utilities. Can anyone advise me if I will ‘really’ be paying so much more if I move to the Phoenix area.

2) I work in Advertising , and have a strong background in Direct Mail advertising . Anyone know what the job market is for Advertising jobs.

3) Chandler or Mesa? Or maybe some other town I don’t know about yet? I am looking for nice apartment in a quiet and safe neighborhood.

4) What is the daily commute into Phoenix like?

Thanks for your help.

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Answer by bblbb647
Phoenix is great. a lot of older people, but a nice city with very friendly people. the cost of living is actually a little high, even without the air conditioning

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