Powerful Web Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

This article discusses various internet marketing techniques that are very powerful and can be used in just about any industry to increase ones online marketing effectiveness. These methods can help one demonstrate their expertise in a certain niche by providing relevant information to one’s target market. All of these methods can provide back links to your website, or landing page, that not only directs consumers to one’s website but also helps with search engine rankings as well.

Reaching Targeted Traffic Through Article Posts

By submitting relevant and accurate articles, one can help to establish their business online as a credible source of valuable information while also driving targeted traffic (customers or clients) to their main websites. Article writing, in a sense, helps to reinforce a brand. Articles typically run about 350-700 words in length and can be posted to article websites such as Ezine, Articlecube, Articlegarden and others that produce high ranking search engine search results. Article marketing is a very effective marketing strategy if done correctly.

Incorporating Multimedia Video into a Marketing Strategy


Various video site profiles can be established for an internet marketing campaign or business such as a YouTube channel, and submissions to Revver, BoFunk, Kewego, Video.yahoo and Metacafe should also be considered. These videos should be “Tagged” with Keywords that will ensure that people that are searching for specific information using search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing) will find the videos for ones business.

Benefits of Having a Blog for Internet Marketing Campaigns

Blogs are a great way to communicate, as long as there are frequent communications being issued. A Blog can allow you to provide subject matter expertise in your businesses’ niche in an informal manner. Anything less than once a week will typically result in stale information and decreased user interest. Blog entries can also post directly to Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Blog sites that are recommended for anyone looking to start using this technique are WordPress, Blogger, and Squidoo.

Social Media as a Powerful Tool for Small Businesses

Social Media presents another rapidly growing media to reach a target market. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are typically must haves in any internet campaign. Setting up multiple sites for one’s business or marketing strategy allows for reaching a large audience based on their specific demographics and interests as well as their social media site preference. For example, some people use Twitter more than Facebook and vice versa, while many professionals use LinkedIn.

One great feature within social media that can be used as a simple marketing tool is the option to link all of these accounts together. For example a public relations announcement for ones business is ready to be posted. An individual can post the news to the business Facebook page, that information will then automatically be posted to Twitter and then LinkedIn. This not only saves time but helps to maximize exposure as well.

Regardless of what strategies one uses for their small business, just remember that quality content is key to provide your target audience with relevant information. This will position a business as experts in the particular niche as well as a trusted source.

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