Video walkthrough of Cyber-Rain Professional XCI System

Fender CyberTwin SE Combo 130w Amplifier and Variax 600 A demo of a few sounds from the Fender Cyber twin SE Combo The Amp is based on the Fender Twin but comes with some amazing modern features. These include Motorised Faders! The point of all these being to digitally control analogue circuitry and store them patches or presets. Think of any Fender Amp over the last 50 years and it is modelled (Analogue not Digital) and stored in the Amp Collection. The Other two Sections are Fenders Presets which are permanent and the Players Section which contains User changeable Patches The amp uses Two Pre-tubes, Analogue circuitry and a large Digital Effects section with Distortion, Overdrive, Delays, reverbs, phasers, Chorus, Wahs and less obvious stuff such as Backwards Delay/Reverb and the awful sounding Alienator!. Any Effects section parameter can be controlled by the bypass switch or much more usefully, an expression pedal (use any basic volume pedal, the optional fender floorboard or any programable midi foot controller). Great uses for this are Backwards Reverb, Delay mix, Volume boost, Gain and the obvious Wah….. Two Get the Full two speaker stereo Effect recorded properly i recorded through two widely located Condenser Microphones (Rode M3 and an RB5 large diaphragm). I also used the SPIDIF output and mixed it with the Recording, my thinking being a sort of DI output to blend with the Live recording. The Guitar I used was a line 6 Variax 600 which is an excellent new toy
Video Rating: 4 / 5