Question by : After i’ve reset an ipod and deleted all tracking apps, can they still track it?
My friend gave me a free ipod today and i am positive he stole it but i’ve always wanted an ipod but my parents cant afford one. So if its been reset and the tracking thing is turned off, can they still like track it?

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Answer by mineola5
Ha ha, I’m sure you’ll get tons of responses telling you that it’s illegal and all that, I don’t think they can track it based on a recent news story I saw about people getting mugged for iPhones and the COMPANY refusing to do anything to deter this-such as a kill switch-so I highly doubt you will be tracked-unless you are a wanted criminal or your friend us a WAnted criminal And I mean WANTED FOR A BIG CRIME OR CRIMES, as the government CAN TRACK ANYONE WITH A SNARTPHONE, they can ping your location regardless of you turning off any apps the only way to stop that us taking out the battery or breaking the device really-but like I said “FOR MOST WABTED TYPE CRIMINALS IT EVEN A STIBG TYPE OPERATION IF YOUR FRIEND IS INVOLVED IN A BIG CRIME SYNDICATE-we no longer have the privacy rights we had before, so – any smart phone or similar device that connects to the Internet or any kind of satellite YES CAN BE TRACKED BUT WILL THRY TRACK YOU IN PARTICULAR, I doubt it unless your AMERICAS MOST WANTED OR WANTED BIG TIME-they don’t bother-mg sisters house was robbed and police didnt even dust for prints or anything like they said “like we see on tv” her electronics and vslys mrs were all stolen whatever they could fit through her broken bedroom window it all makes no sense as her large tv was missing And wouldn’t fit yet it was broad daylight and she was gone maybe an hour or two She said-needless to say she later MOVED FROM WHAT WAS THOUGHT TO BE A GOOD SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD BUT NO EFFORTS WERE MADE TO TRACK HER LAPTOP OR DEVICES THAT COULD BE TRACKED, even a gun was stolen-I’m sure if she was a bigshot important famous person maybe they would have put more effort into tracking the criminals because YES THEY CAN BUT THEY USUALLY DO NOT UNLESS YOUR A BIGSHOT-as victim or if it’s a big tine crime related to that IPod, anyone can be tracked anywhere anytime even your cable boxes at home while turned offcan be usedby the government to listen in on your private conversations if you are a person of interest and they think u could be involved in some big crime-under the PATRIOT ACT WE LOST OUR RIGHTS TO PRIVACY AS CITIZENS BUT MIST OF US HAVE nothing to worry about except knowing our privacy can be invaded at any time-many times it cannot be used against you or used in a court if law but would be used to get information so you could be caught in a crime you maybe discussed in private, smartphones, computers, cable boxes, telephones-all devices we lose our rights to privacy by just owning-this is why a lot of criminals tend to use cheap throw away type cell phones, usually not traceable and no good technology in them for tracking like most cell PHOnes smartphones iPods and such that we use these days, anyway you cNt be that worried if you posted that question, it’s funny but I do feel bad for the victim who had their iPod stolen, bad karma what goes around comes around is FOR REAL.

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