Q&A: Are there any prepaid cell phone services like virgin mobile?

//Q&A: Are there any prepaid cell phone services like virgin mobile?

Q&A: Are there any prepaid cell phone services like virgin mobile?

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Question by Sarah51597: Are there any prepaid cell phone services like virgin mobile?
I currently have Virgin Mobile prepaid cell phone service. I only have to pay when I need to. I now pay either $ 10 for 1000 texts or $ 20 for unlimited texting. The only problem is that I don’t like their phones. Do you know any other phones or phone services like virgin mobile? And oh yeah, I would prefer if you mentioned a texting phone.! Thanks.!!

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Answer by shadswifey_01
There’s a new company out called Cricket but apparently its only available in certain cities. Their prices are nowhere near as good as virgin mobile and in my opinion, neither are their phones, but feel free to take a looksee.

There’s also Tracfone, but they’re pretty lame. No texting phones and the phones that they do have aren’t too aesthetically pleasing…

You could also check out AT&T’s go-phone and T-mobile’s prepaid services.


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  1. Ike D June 25, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    If you are into heavy texting/messaging , in prepaid, you have only a few options besides VM.

    Att Gophone. Biggest variety of phones available because you can just put the sim card into any unlocked gsm phone (Tmobile phones are gsm too.) Has $ 19.99 unlimited messaging plan w/ text/pic/video/im and 9.99 1000 message plan.

    Talk is 25 cents a minute for flat rate. They have one thing on the 1000 message plan that VM doesn’t which is great. Rollover. If you topup before your 30 days are up, you keep the unused messages/texts to be used in your next 1000 pack. Unlimited of course, there is no point to rollover.

    Verizon prepaid. They have unlimited messaging for $ 20 a month. Text, pic/video/instant messaging included. No 1000 message plan.
    They don’t allow the use of pda/smartphones/Blackberries/Pocket pcs. The Verizon Blitz is a nice cheap slider text phone w/ full keyboard. Verizon prepaid phones cannot be used on regular Verizon accounts unitl they have had an active prepaid account for six months.
    They are also 25 cents-a minute for talk. Both Verizon and Att prepaid, you have to buy the 25 cent talk plan then add the text /message plan to it. You don’t pay anything for talk rates unless you do use voice minutes.

    T-mobile has the Sidekick unlimited web/im/text plan for $ 30 a month and talk is 15 cents per minute. It can only use Sidekicks though.

    If you are a phone fanatic and text freak, I would recommend Att gophone first and Verizon prepaid second.

  2. Jessica P June 25, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    I would check out this site:


    There you will be able to compare various prepaid cell phone providers (including Virgin) side by side to see which ones match up best with what you are paying now with Virgin.

    Plenty of info on that site to get you sorted out.

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