Question by OrganicGirl: Arizona Residents: Can you please tell me what the weather is like in the winter and summer?
I am a soon-to-be graduate in the Midwest, and I am searching for a city to relocate. A couple of weeks ago I began considering Tucson, and ever since people have been telling me how HOT it is in the summer. I am from Louisiana, so I’m used to the heat and humidity. I realize southern Arizona is dry. So can you please tell me exactly what it’s like? If I am considering taking public transportation and owning a Vespa, will that be a mistake in the summer? Thank you!

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Answer by pepper

This site gives you weather averages for each month in Phoenix. If your Vespa sits in the sun all day in the summer the seat will be very hot to sit on 🙂 Public transportation would work if you don’t mind waiting in the heat until it arrives. It’s very HOT and DRY – like heat from the oven. Tucson is a couple of degrees cooler than Phoenix but not much.

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