Question by wsisearchresults: As a business owner, if someone guarantees Search Engine Ranking within 72 hours, what is your perception?
There is no legitimate ‘white hat’ SEO company that can guarantee Search Engine Ranking in an extremely short period of time (unless they are in bed with Google, and if someone knows one, let me know) If a an SEO company does guarantee results in 72 hours, how is that perceived by the business owner who is their client?
Is it perceived as ‘Cheap Services’ – not justifying the cost of the service, or unethical practices, or simple enough to do on their own?

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Answer by imisidro
My perception?

– they don’t know what they’re talking about
– they don’t understand white hat SEO
– they’re overpromising something they can’t deliver
– avoid them like a plaque as their tactics could eventually harm my website

Basically, run as fast as you can away from them.

But then, many people fall for them. And they’ll deliver some keywords showing that the website got top 10 rankings — except that the website has already been ranking for those keywords or they’ll deliver some obscure keywords.

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