Question by Savvy: For those living in Scottsdale Az, about Whole Foods Natural Market…?
I just moved here from Montana and all of our natural food stores are extremly strict about the skin care products, I won’t even get into that ’cause it sucks but, my question for you locals is,
does your natural food market carry Dr. Hauschka products? If so, do they automatically “track” you after purchasing high priced items?
I suppose I should get into details a bit… in montana the nicer products were kept under lock and key, in one situation, I spent nearly two hours in the skin care section because they only had photos of their skin care items, and the employees would have to retrieve whatever I’d ask for, and then hover behind me while I read the box to make sure that’s the product that would work for me… needless to say, that process took WAY too long, all because I’d never used that product before, I had a budget I had to stay within, because she had to fetch everything and frankly, when someone is behind me “reccomending” other product, it’s hard to make a decision. On another, equally as unpleasent visit to an alterntive grocery market, everything was kept behind glass. I ended up purchasing the rhythmic night conditioner and was actually CALLED, on my cell phone, by a member of management to confirm some information on my reciept because there was some product missing from the glass cabinet, and apparently I was the only one in montana to purchase from this cabinet? I don’t know what there logic behind it was, the problem was, that they took my personal information to recive coupons and special offers, and used it to accuse me of stealing. I went to this store to “unload” (basically, bitch them out), and the suppliments lady said they found the missing product behind the customer service desk!
Totally crappy experiences, always. Natural Food market employees are always so, stuck up towards me, with this, “holier than thou” attitude. They literally treat me like an idiot becase I’m new to all this alternative living…
Now that I’ve unloaded onto a bunch of innocent people, and sorry for that, but I’m hoping you all could tell me about the “Whole Foods Market” in Scottsdale before I drive two hours to get there! Otherwise I’m going to Fry’s >=[
Is it pleasent? Does it smell like old fish? Is it insanely priced? Do they have Dr. Hauscka; what kind of selection;are their samples of the skin care products; is everything in a glass shelf; is there all natural make up(that I can actually TRY first?); do they give people shit about making returns(I dreaded returning things in MT, they’d always throw such a fit ove it); is the produce local/organic?

well anyways, I think I’ve ranted enough, please give me some honest opinions!

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Answer by Mr. X
Natural products are almost always overpriced.

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