Question by Elise: Help with some ideas for music technologies paper?
I’m not going to ask the Yahoo answers community to write my paper obviously, but a little information would help me out a great deal. I’m in a little bit of a tricky situation. Anyone with experience with any kinds of music technologies would help me out a ton, and I would appreciate it SO MUCH!

Here’s my assignment:

Write a 4-6 page (approximately 2000 words) comparative analysis of two music technologies. Consider how these technologies affect(ed) the historical distribution and/or presentation of music. Identify the audience in question for each, and examine the values, assumptions, and cultural expectations evinced by their use of (or exposure to) those technologies. Explain clearly (assume an intelligent but not tech-savvy reader) the working principles and design of each technology, and examine the historical circumstances and motivations of each technology’s development and subsequent use. Develop a critical assessment of each technology’s potential and capacities, and consider the role of cultural and social context in the ultimate experience of each.

Best answer:

Answer by doug
Early home radio not only music but lifeline of the globe( stock market 1929, Orson wells war of the world’s,pearl harbor.Benny Goodman, etc.// Sony walkway same w/more tech options than in home l radio beyond the transistor radio of60’s.offered your own choice at Ur own time in Ur own space,as well as news on AM FM RADIO. Predecessor to the smart phone today. From Fireside chats to download that app. Really nice comparison of tech, with a past ,present, future aspect.

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