Question by missy: How can I keep my text messages?
ihave a metro pcs samsung indulge (sch-r910) im planing on factory restoring it and moved everything 2 my sd card but I wasnt able 2 move my text messages. alot of those messages are important 2 me and idont want 2 lose them, a few of them are locked, if irestore it will I lose them all? is there a way 2 keep them or get them back? I would realy appreciate the help..please and thank you.

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Answer by DnB925Art
Yes you will lose them if you do a data wipe and reset on your phone. There are a few apps available for free in the Google Play store app market that you can download that will backup your text so you can restore them to your phone. The one I use is SMS Backup+ and the great thing is that it is free. Look in the source below for a link to it in the Play Store.

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