Q&A: How do I get my bf to be sexually interested and to say “I love you” ?

//Q&A: How do I get my bf to be sexually interested and to say “I love you” ?

Q&A: How do I get my bf to be sexually interested and to say “I love you” ?

Question by Emily: How do I get my bf to be sexually interested and to say “I love you” ?
We are long distance but we see eachother during the summer we are emailing now and he seems more interestd in video games I have brought up kissing and he seems to be excited about it but I am his frist gf and I don’t want to be scare him he is really innocent. He used to be like obsessed..and I could get better than him, but now he is just like ignoring me I brought it up and he got mad and we got into 2 fights he really doesn’t want me to break up with him what can I email him that will not scare him but will subtly open things up and see if he wants to sexually talk? I want to give him that warm stomache nervous heart feeling and make him put down his video game controller and think about me

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Answer by kitten9510
hes not ready for a relationship..he sounds young. go live your life and not try and push things

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  1. Trisha October 3, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Well more importantly you have to ask yourself this . ” Is this the kind of guy i really want to be with” . Now i can not say anything about the long distance relationship thing because i’ve been in one for 5 years going on 6. We’re planning on getting married in 2 years. But more importantly if you are his first girlfriend it may be hard for him to open up in the first place because he has never been in a place that would allow him to talk freely about himself, especially with the opposite sex, it may take time for him to open up, it gets easier to open up the longer you’ve been in a relationship, so opening up is not something that is just gonna happen as soon as you start dating, it takes time in order to build up the trust in the significant other in order to share maybe embarrassing secrets or things about his past, or who he really is, trust is built up slowly but it can be lost so quick. So i honestly would not pressure him into doing anything he isn’t comfortable with until both of you are ready and have been in the relationship for at least a year. And again he may not be ready for a relationship or even know the meaning of love or partnership if he is still into video games and doesn’t know what has to happen in order for a relationship to work so i would consider just leaving it be for now, and see how he acts towards you later on, if he continues to put his video games before you , then you need to call him out on it and if it doesn’t work out then don’t waste you life on a guy who would rather spend time in a cyber world then with someone he was suppose to care about. If he wishes to have a good relationship then he will need to grow up and learn about it first. Good Luck =)

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