Question by Emily: How do I get my bf to be sexually interested and to say “I love you” ?
We are long distance but we see eachother during the summer we are emailing now and he seems more interestd in video games I have brought up kissing and he seems to be excited about it but I am his frist gf and I don’t want to be scare him he is really innocent. He used to be like obsessed..and I could get better than him, but now he is just like ignoring me I brought it up and he got mad and we got into 2 fights he really doesn’t want me to break up with him what can I email him that will not scare him but will subtly open things up and see if he wants to sexually talk? I want to give him that warm stomache nervous heart feeling and make him put down his video game controller and think about me

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Answer by kitten9510
hes not ready for a relationship..he sounds young. go live your life and not try and push things

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