Question by WALTER! (Eats Kobe Beef 4 Lunch): How does the coaching change in Phoenix affect trading Amare Stoudemire?
Gentry and Porter have two different styles of coaching, so is it possible that Amare gets taken off the market because he fits in the new, faster paced system? (Not D’Antoni level but not as slow as Porter)

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Answer by Michael
It’s possible, but it could also be a sign that the Suns are making changes and this is the beginning. The bottom line is this, they are going to Amare out and if they fell that he will still leave Phoenix after his contract is up, they will trade him.

The main reason Amare expressed disappointment before was because he felt that he was no longer the star of the Suns and that he wasn’t going to be the central part of the Suns. Changing coaches might help that, but it’s ultimately up to Steve Kerr.

I’m sure things will unfold in the coming weeks, after the Suns have had a chance to play with Gentry at the helm.

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