Q&A: How is life in Arizona socially, economically and politically?

//Q&A: How is life in Arizona socially, economically and politically?

Q&A: How is life in Arizona socially, economically and politically?

Question by Fsd: How is life in Arizona socially, economically and politically?
What kinds of people live there? What races? Is the state conservative or liberal? WHat laws do they have there? How is the landscape? How is the job market? How far are things away from eachother?
What kind of people would have a bad time moving there? (due to their identity, personal preferences, what soical dangers that could face their kind, etc)

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Answer by lost 1
Not much work. Very very conservative and gun friendly! My kind of place

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  1. Mark November 28, 2013 at 10:35 am

    You know it is all up to you,who you are and what you are, for me personally,living in Yuma,arizona is not a pleasant experience, i have been here for 5 yrs,and do not like it,i am a “gringo” the mexicans are not “warm” the winter visitors are not warm,it is crowded in the wintertime, (i love the heat in the summer,the climate is beautiful all year) but the mexicans are,they do not relate,they have prejudice that is more then annoying,they want their own way with everything, and prevent communication,and there is an atmosphere of if you go away,will the house be safe?
    it depends who you are,if you need a job, better look somewhere else, there are flea markets in the winter, the place is empty in the summer, 8 miles from mexico,a town called Algodones, the larger city of San Luis is 30 miles away,

    there are social dangers, if you are white,you may want to join or participate in the “white and mexican standoff” the population of blacks has increased but there are not many,and there are not many asians, i prefer a diverse culture, in Phoenix there is diversity, large supermarkets from India,
    but back to yuma, i need to move away, there is no one i can turn to here in an emergency,and everything is 3 or 4 hours away, there are enough wal marts here and a large mall, but life here is not. it is easy to be “profiled” by mexicans, but the whites here are not much better, it is a largely democrat enviorment,and they have no tolerance for anything or one, it is a dead beat place,when they were declaring Martin Luther King jr day Arizona was one of the or the last state to hold out, i think it is only in the past 5 years they have been celebrating it as a holiday in Yuma anyway.

    i am going to leave arizona soon, i am tired of the culture,or lack of culture,and variety, and only if you are rich or moderately well off,can you live somewhere away from noise, the area called “the Avenues” well i would not go to it or buy a house in this area if i were to live life over again.
    Alto of crummy and they are all crummy to me fast food places, (look if i have said anything to offend,i am sorry, i do not mean to say anything offensive) there are a few casinos here and two indian tribes, the Cocoas and the Quechans, look them up, the Paradise casino and the Q,the Q being the newer and larger of the two, both of the Quechan indians, there are casinos all over arizona and california, well the scenery is where it is at, mountains and desert, places of interest,and you can enjoy the desert, sand dunes,and the Imperial Valley is where the Lettuce capital of the world is,and the dirt bike capital too Glamis is where all those dune people go to., anyway, i am ripped out of my face,from my neighbors with motorcycles,and that and car stereos destroys any beauty here for me,or anywhere for that matter, so i have to sell my house and move on. if you can find a better time you are welcome to it, but these places are crowded in the winter and there are lines, and mexicans and mexicans and mexicans, and drugs, good luck GOd bless

  2. kemperk November 28, 2013 at 10:46 am

    like Texans. Way too many illegals. thus, the natonal battle over sb 1070.

    cowboys without cows and horses.

    d e s e r t surrounds you and it is hotter here than it is in your kitchen when momma is baking.

    H O T

    80 is cool

    we have everything anyone else has

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