Question by thbeatgozon69: How is living quality in Phoenix AZ?
I am considering relocation to Phoenix AZ from my Minnesota home to see if the sunshine and warmth would be better for me, due to a serious medical condition. If there is anyone around who lives in or around that area -could you tell me some things such as cost of living arrangements, climate, job market outlook, music scene, or could point me to a good information website that I could peruse and make an educated desicion and some tentative plans?

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Answer by Cave Creek
I moved here from humid south Texas and the improvement has been great. I had a quad cardiac bypass and 3 of them shut down over time. I became much weaker and the dry heat has been a blessing. The housing market is way down and so are rentals. Small condos start at about $ 75,000 and a nice 3 bedroom house can be bought for under $ 200,000 with 2 baths and a 2 car garage. The job market is not good.

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