Question by Riki: How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree in accounting at University of Phoenix?
I am interested in being an accounting with a bachelor’s degree and graduating at a University of Phoenix and I want to know how long will that take to get one.

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Answer by Derek
Regardless of how long it takes , I have to advise you that it will probably be unwise. As a former job recruiter I can say that we would never accept the University of Phoenix as a valid college for our hiring. The U.S. Department of Education has been highly critical of this school, and for-profit schools in general. As if that weren’t bad enough, online programs have gained a reputation for being fraudulent with reports of people hiring others to take an online course for them. Thus an online “degree is achieved by an imposter and the person listed as a student did nothing to earn the so called degree. You would be wise to look elsewhere for your degree. a brick and mortar college offering the classroom experience. This means more personal education as well as more socialization The degree from a brick and mortar college that’s not a for-profit college will serve you much better in the job market as well.

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