Question by Gregory G: I am a 3rd yr law student comparing Vegas and Phoenix for legal careers. Where is the best oppotunity?
I don’t have a job in either place yet but I have call backs in both cities. I need to know where to take the bar and want advice from anyone with know ledge of either or both markets.

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Answer by Mikki Sue71
It depends on what type of law you plan on practicing. I’m from Vegas and it seems like we have an injury attorney on every street corner (probably true for most cities). However, if you plan on being a defense lawyer, there never seems to be a shortage of criminals here. That, of course, leads to a high need for prosecutors too. Vegas is home to the most marriages and I suspect a high rate of divorce too, so family law would be lucrative in Vegas too.

However, if you are planning on raising a family, then I would choose Phoenix. I don’t like that my kids are being raised in an environment that glamorizes sex and gambling and with little emphasis on education. I’d move, but I can’t sell my house. 🙂

Good luck!

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