Question by Skoop: Is there an expiration date of a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery?
I just received my new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone after claiming it thru my insurance company.
My question is:

Do I have to use my new sealed battery that came with it right away?
Or can I keep it for years to come and when my old battery dies use it?

The new battery won’t get ruined if not used right away, correct?

Best answer:

Answer by COLORADO
Samsung Galaxy S3 battery life

That bigger screen and quad-core processor need a lot more juice and so the bigger bulk is no doubt down to the bigger battery inside the S3 – it’s an 2100mAh pack. Due to this, Samsung has also introduced another technology, called Smart Stay – it senses when you’re not looking at your phone and dims the display. Clever stuff.With today’s battery technology you don’t really have to keep it in the fridge. A cool dry place is fine. Also fully charge it once in while. You can also alternate useage.

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