Q&A: Phoenix vs. Albuquerque?

//Q&A: Phoenix vs. Albuquerque?

Q&A: Phoenix vs. Albuquerque?

Question by : Phoenix vs. Albuquerque?
the pros and cons of both cities??

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Answer by silentnonrev
Albuquerque has a personality, but is poor & small, not many good restaurants, etc

Phoenix is LA transplanted to the desert. Miles and miles of sprawl. There’s no there there

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  1. pepper April 12, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    I would not compare Phoenix to LA – we aren’t that bad! Phoenix is a big city (5th largest in US) with many amenities, entertainment sources and beauty of the southwest.

    I don’t know as much abut Albuquerque but it seems smaller. It has a nice old town section to visit and hot air balloon fest each year.

    They’re both southwestern cities. Depends upon what attracts you.

  2. tom92117 April 12, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    The two metro areas are significantly different. Phx is over 500 square miles while Albuquerque is only 187 sm. Phx. metro is 4 million+ population while Albuquerque is just over 500,000.

    Albuquerque is trying to grow, but many of the residents are anti-growth citing a lack of natural resources such as water and land use that does not hurt the environment.

    Phoenix on the other hand is encouraging growth because of it’s shear size. I live just outside of Phoenix in Buckeye. Buckeye is 22x larger than NYC with .02% of the population. So you see we have a lot of land to fill up here.

    Because of the market size difference Phoenix has and receives more special events. Two years ago the Superbowl was held here. Albuquerque doesn’t have an NFL team. The best they can offer is a Minor League Baseball team. Phoenix offers all of the other pro level sports teams as well.

    Albuquerque is not a destination city like Phoenix is. Did you know that during the winter months when the Snowbirds flock here from the colder latitudes that the population of phoenix increases by 15%? That cannot be said for Albuquerque.

    Concerts and popular music artists abound in Phoenix. Albuquerque not so much.

    It is only a 6 hour drive to the beaches of San Diego from Phoenix. Albuquerque is 13-14 hours away.

    Phoenix has ASU which is the highest federally funded research university in the U.S. Albuquerque only has UNM which is much smaller. UNM’s enrollment is 26,000 while ASU’s is 60,000+.

    If you want big city amenities with room to move around then Phoenix is better. If you want less distractions and fewer choices of entertainment then Albuquerque might be your choice.

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