Question by John S: Smart Phone (HTC EVO 4G) Speeds fast enough to tether and game on laptop?
I am an iPhone user for now, but debating my switch to the sprint network mostly because of the 4G EVO and because renewing with att will be a huge raise in the ETF if I end up wanting to switch if I buy the new iPhone that is being announced today.

What I want to know is with the speeds im seeing online with the speedtests are close to DSL wired connect. That in my mind is good enough to game on. Maybe not first person shooters but something like Warcraft 3 or Sc2 Beta.

What I want to know is my assumption correct or am I way off and the technology just not there yet? Im debating using that 4g as my main internet access and do away with my home internet access at my apartment.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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Wow to detail,
awesome input, though I live in Buffalo Ny, and plan to move to Philly sooner than later, but in researching the coverage of 4G, there is no listing of Buffalo getting it anytime soon.

Philly already does have it…

Take 4G out of the picture til say december as they say they are expanding the 4g network.

Do you still suggest this? (also what if I plop my phone by a window. is building penetration still a factor?
@David Banner

I currently have the 2g iphone, (cause i broke my 3g a few weeks back, I need to invest in cases)

The Grandfathering may not work plus tethering is an added thing for sure with ATT.

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