Question by Ready2Fly: Want to move back east. Anybody know what the market is like for elec/solar contractor in N Carolina?
Sick of Arizona and the heat and desert. Wanting to move possibly to Virginia or North Carolina. Anybody know of any opportunities or suggestions for nice places to live and raise a family? We own electrical/solar contracting company and would like to continue it wherever we move.

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Answer by Raleighite
I live in Raleigh, NC. It is a great place!! We moved here over 5 years ago and love it! Raleigh was just named #1 in the country for Business & Careers by Forbes magazine. The economy has affected NC like everywhere else, but there is still growth and many opportunities out there. Since you own the company you will likely have an easier time.

Check out, they are a lead company. Although you pay for the leads, for most businesses it isn’t much of an investment if you get the bid. If you call them directly they can give you idea of how many people are looking in this area for your type of work. We have two businesses that boomed using them. We now have to turn our leads off most of the time because of too much work.

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